3 Types of Sugar Daddies

We often find ourselves in unexpected situations, different from what we originally expected. These "unexpected situations" can also happen in dates, and even sugar daddy dates.

To all the sugar babies out there, you have got know what to expect, so you do not have to deal with unpleasant surprises.

As there are different variants of a thing in every aspect of the world, same thing would go for sugar daddies. Just like flowers, they all come in different categories, some good, some not so good. The important thing is knowing how to deal with them, but first you will need to be familiar with their different characters.

First impressions people get about sugar daddies are mostly misconcepted. Even the sugar babies are guilty of these too. You might be shocked to see a honest, decent old man who just desires love again... sort of. But again, you might be shocked (and disappointed) to meet a jerk, or worse, a sex maniac. But that is your misfortune. After all, it is mostly about the money.

Now, focusing on the title at hand, here are the three types of sugar daddies;

• The Meddlesome

These ones are usually the adventurous ones. They just want to explore, and might eventually become a regular client. But that could go the opposite way as well.

Some of them were probably pressured by their friends, then decided to take on the task and risk, just to experience something possibly great. After all, who would not want to go out with a sweet charming beautiful lady at her early twenties.

These ones can be really suspicious, inquisitive, and at the same time observant.

• The Lonesome

These ones are probably the most unlucky ones. Most likely to fall prey to fakes.

They can be honest, and actually want love. As the subtitle outlines, they are really lonely and are sometimes desperate for companionship. They are the sugar daddies most likely to lavish more, willing to really spoil you.

I guess you can take them as the good lucks, but they are not easy to find. Apart from the generic truth of there being only few good men in this earth, it is unusual for a successful old man to resort to sugar dating. Unless they have something else in mind, like, dare I say it, "marriage"!

Truth is, you never know, they could turn out unpredictable.

• The Frolicsome

Unlike both of the ones previously listed above, the particular one is pretty straightforward and easy to dissect.

These type of sugar daddies could turn out as the sex addicts. They are adventurous, and have only one thing in mind, and that is you.


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