5 Discouraging Factors of Sugar Dating Relationship

As with every other thing in life, the sugar dating relationship comes with some really not-so-good aspects that may discourage aspiring or practicing sugar babies. Yeah, I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you. The sugar dating world is littered with both disadvantages and advantages. It is not all rosy, honey. So, before you zoom off to join the sugar baby wagon, take the time to learn of both the advantages and disadvantages of being a sugar baby.

Here a few disadvantages worth considering;

  • You Are Very Much Replaceable
  • The first thing I tell newbie sugar babies is that the word ‘irreplaceable’ doesn’t exist over here. You are very much replaceable. In fact, you can be replaced in a minute, if not seconds. So, be prepared for eventualities.

  • It May Never Lead To Marriage
  • If you are here to search for a life partner, then, you should opt out as soon as possible. Don’t get me wrong, a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship MAY lead to marriage but that happenstance occurs only one in about a hundred cases. See, the low chance of occurrence. Yeah, that is why this is the wrong place for you. So, opt out now because chances are that your sugar daddy is married already kid not yourself into believing he will leave his marriage for you. That is not usually the case. Sorry, girl.

  • Some Sugar Daddies Can Be Controlling
  • One of the many duties of a sugar baby is to be available whenever and wherever your sugar daddy wants. While this may be fun, in the hands of the wrong POT, such control can be misused, making the relationship an unhappy one. Remember he calls the shots.

  • No Commitment
  • Lack of commitment and emotions is both a disadvantage and an advantage. A disadvantage because it means your sugar daddy can have as many sugar babies as he wants and at any time he wants. Also, he could walk out the door at any point in the relationship and it is just fine. It is a contract after all. While it is an advantage, on the other hand, as it gives you a certain level of freedom to have other relationships, concentrate on your career, and walk out the door when you feel like it. No strings attached. So, if you are here to build a life with a sugar daddy then it is time for a rethink.

  • He Is Not Always There
  • Sugar daddies are very busy men. They seek the sugar baby relationship to compensate for the ‘normal’ relationship. They have little or no time for youthful frivolities as such, you may not see them often. You could meet them just once or twice in a week, depending on your arrangement though. In some cases, the sugar daddy is married and wouldn’t want you to interfere with his marriage, therefore, you have a schedule for calls and meet-ups. This may be advantageous to some sugar babies, especially those growing their career, but it is also a disadvantage to those who desire some care and affection from their sugar daddies.


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