6 Helpful Tips in Finding A Sugar Daddy

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. We all have student loans to pay, right? Getting a sugar daddy is a sure way of keeping your finances together. Besides the money, there are numerous benefits to being a sugar baby too – you get to travel around the world, you do not have to work anymore, and lots more. See our article on benefits of having a sugar daddy for more.

Yes, there are tons of sugar daddies out there looking for sugar babies but make no mistake, getting one is not as easy as it sounds.

With lots of websites on meeting sugar daddies, one would think it should be a walk in the park. Alas, it is not. In fact, you could search the entire month with no success.

Have no worries, we have compiled a few tips that are sure to get you that sugar daddy of your choice.

Without much ado, let’s dive in. shall we!

1.Be Sure of What You Want
There is no shame in it. You are in this to have fun and make some cool cash, as such you should be sure of what you are looking for. Make a list of the qualities you would want your sugar daddy to possess.

Do you prefer tall or short men?

Are you okay with one who keeps multiple dates and only shows up on weekends? Or one that would spend a lot of time with you?

Should he be married or divorced?

How old should he be; 40? 50 maybe?

How would you want to be paid? A fixed amount weekly or bi-weekly? Or you prefer being treated to fancy events, dinners, shopping, vacations, etc.?

2.Join a Couple of Websites
Various websites online have made it easier connecting with sugar daddies. Make sure you join more than one website – three or four should do it.

Remember your profile is what tells them about you. Make it catchy and fun and do not focus on what you want alone. Let them know how exciting and mysterious you are. Create something intriguing that would catch their attention.

Note: Do not use trashy photos because you want to appear sexy. Your photo affects the way he will treat you.

3.Go to the Right Places
It is a common knowledge that sugar daddies are wealthy so, why look for one at the back of your street club? Put yourself out there. Go to places where you can find rich men in your city or state.

4.Know Your Roles
It is your duty as a sugar baby to keep the relationship alive by starting conversations, learning new styles to keep him busy under those sheets, and other things to keep him happy. These men are busy and have no time for girlfriend dramas. As a sugar baby, you are the honey bear that keeps them happy and satisfied. That is your role not to bore him with nagging and other girlfriend drama.

5.Look Your Best At All Times
True, sugar daddies go for women of all sizes and shapes but you have to maintain whatever look you have. Men are known to fall for what they see. This does not mean you should dress like a porn star though. Just pay attention to your looks and smell nice too. The goal is to keep them longing for you.

6.Be Persistent
You have to employ so much patience in this hunt. If you are serious about dating a sugar daddy then you have to be patient and keep searching. Do not give up on the first try.


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