Finding A Sugar Daddy Without Giving Sugar


The concept of Sugar dating has been grossly misunderstood by the public, and even by some people (sugar daddies and sugar babies) who take part in it. This is due mainly to the fact that boundaries are not set at the onset of the dating relationship. Sugar babies often fail to state what they are willing to and willing not to do in a sugar daddy relationship, so as not to drive potential sugar daddies away.

One of the most controversial topics in sugar dating is whether sex should be involved in the dating arrangement. It is entirely up to the sugar baby to decide if she would want to have sex with her sugar daddy.

It is generally believed that sex occurs in every sugar dating relationship; nothing could be further from the truth. This belief stems from the notion that Sugar dating is akin to prostitution. Sugar babies are often erroneously viewed as gold diggers who just have sex to offer to their sugar daddies.

It is possible to engage in a sugar dating relationship without giving sugar (sex). This is because sugar dating is not all about sex, it entails much more than that. A sugar baby can offer her sugar daddy companionship in place of sex, this is actually what some sugar daddies want. Let's look at some of the ways you can get into sugar dating without giving sugar.


Set Some Boundaries For Yourself: In as much as it is common for some Sugar daddies to expect sex as a reward for footing your bills as their sugar baby, you should be the one to decide if you want the relationship to involve sex or not. Before you get into sugar dating, decide if you would want to have sex with your sugar daddy or not. Once you have decided, stick to your decision.


Set Your Profile To Show Your Sexual Preference: The first point of contact a sugar daddy has with a potential sugar baby is through her profile. A sugar daddy would usually check out a sugar baby to ensure that she is compatible with him. It is therefore important to indicate if you would have sex with a potential sugar daddy or not. This helps to attract only sugar daddies that would date you on your own terms.


Offer Something More Than Sex: Sugar daddies are humans and as such have needs that go beyond sex. Since sex is off the table, you should make up by meeting some of their other needs such as readily been available at all times, developing superb communication skills, being a good masseuse, and just being there for them at all times.


Resist Temptations: It is not uncommon to be in a situation where a sugar daddy reneges on his promise of not seeking sex with you. Often, a sugar daddy would suggest a drastic increase in your payment so as to have sex with you. You should swiftly reject this offer if you intend to follow through on your pledge of not giving sugar.


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