Dating For Money From The Perspective of a Former Sugar Baby

Sugar baby dating comes with lots of challenges and most of the time, you will find yourself thinking of quitting the relationship even before you and your partner can form any meaningful bonds. As you probably already know, there are so many stereotypes from the society as sugar babies are thought of as lazy-ass damsels out to milk hard-working men out of their hard-earned cash.

Well, you can choose to listen to what the society thinks or you can choose to do what I did; ignore all dissenting voices and stick to your plan. Here’s my perspective of what dating for money is.

You Will Be Criticized
If you think a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship is one free of criticism and public censure, then you need to think again. Criticism will begin pouring left, right and center right from the day you make your intentions of dating a sugar daddyknown.

In fact, much of the criticism will come from quarters very close to you that if you are not firm in your resolve, you may find yourself tempted to reconsider your decision.

Harness The Criticism
It is important to understand why eyebrows are raised at your decision to date a sugar daddy. This is basically because our societies are yet to fully embrace this relationship concept. As already mentioned, the woman is seen as an insolent individual out to reap where she did not sow while the man comes across as one too naïve to seduce any mature woman to submission, hence overcompensating for this inefficiency using his money.

After coming to terms with the criticism, remember you cannot always change what people think of you so at the very least, you can harness the criticism into a positive outcome. One way to do this is ensure you nurture your relationship into a very successful affair that at the end of it all, the society will be sorry for having judged you. The goal is to take the negative information and use it towards a positive end – quite difficult but highly possible.

How Do You Make It Work?
Now comes the hard part. After you meet a sugar daddy, you should be keen on formalizing the relationship. Formalization of the relationship involves defining the roles of each partner and the recourse in the event the relationship comes to an end. Ensure you enter a legally-binding agreement, just to be safe. There should be clear guideline to follow on what becomes yours should the relationship be no longer tenable. There should be copies of the same shared to you as well as one shared with a neutral third party who would help execute such an agreement.

Once the deal is formal, remember to keep your end of the bargain. Supply the man with all his sensual needs. Gorge him with the desires of the flesh and make him feel like a king all the times because that’s what you are here to do anyway. Avoid making excuses on important requests such as an evening party and try to be there for the man whenever he is emotionally drained. However, be keen to exercise your duties within the defined parameters. For example, do not begin playing the financial adviser, telling the man how to manage his finances because the moment he starts looking at you from that point of view, you will lose your roles as a sugar baby.

In this time and age, there is no denying the fact that there are very many occasions we feel as though there is a sugar daddy needed. For some like me who are physically endowed, it doesn’t break a bone to try out this kind of relationship. Sign up for a profile on one of the websites and begin experiencing the magic of a sugar daddy dating. Just remember – it has its ups and downs but if you practice everything mentioned above, you won’t go wrong.

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