Foolproof Tips on Improving Your Chances on Bumble Using My Move Makers

Bumble has helped to revolutionize the dating world. People can now meet on the platform and build worthy connections and lasting relationships. Bumble stands out from other dating platforms such as Tinder in that female users are in control of the messaging system.

While that is an amazing feature, it makes it difficult for men to meet just about any lady of their choice. Consequently, men on Bumble are on the lookout for ways to get their attractive prospects to notice them.

Bumble has made it easier by introducing Move Makers which helps them express their qualities to attract the females of their choice. Unfortunately, most men on Bumble do not know how best to optimize this tool.

Which is why I took the time to compile this article to help you improve your chances using the Move Makers.

  • Use the KISS (Keep It Simple and Short) rule
  • The KISS rule is your best bet when it comes to optimizing the Move Makers. Your answers have to be simple and short yet creative enough to depict your positive features. Each user is allowed to choose 3 of the 39 prompts. The prompts are typically designed to help improve your profile. You get to choose the prompts that help to express your positive qualities. And this is where most men on Bumble get it wrong. The prompts are more like a two-edged sword that is capable of yielding both positive and negative results. Employed in the wrong way, these prompts could chase females away instead of attracting them to your profile. Bumble allows only 120 characters for each Move Maker. Therefore, users are advised to exploit this small window to show their strength instead of telling a boring story.

  • Be Picky
  • Bumble has about 39 Move Makers. Each question is structured differently from the other. Users tend to choose just about any question they see on their screen. This is totally wrong. Why? It is because some of the questions could end up showing off bad qualities instead of your positive features. Displaying your positive characters without bragging earns you more attention which in turn earns you more messages which increases your chances of establishing a relationship. Be sure to show off the features the ladies you are interested in would admire in a man. Don’t go picking questions that would make you come across as a proud, self-serving man. Pride is a huge turn off for most ladies. To gain more audience, experts advise you to structure your answers in an engaging yet creative way. Make it short, simple, and funny. But remember to pass across salient points.

  • Bad Grammar is a Turn Off Too
  • The Mover Makers, as I mentioned before, could bring both positive and negative results – depending on how you exploit the moves. Another huge turn off for ladies is bad grammar. Pay attention to details like punctuation, grammatical structures, etc. A little slip is all you need to chase them off your profile. Research shows that bad grammar is a bigger turn off than bad sex. Be sure you have your grammar and punctuation right before uploading your answers.


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