Here Are 4 Things I Learned From Being A Sugar Baby

Being pampered is what every girl wishes. Seeking sugar daddy is what most of the girls do to get their expectations fulfilled. A sugar baby is the one who comes in a relationship with older and wealthy men to enjoy a more luxurious life. As this concept is least accepted in the society, girls prefer keeping the affair personal.

But I am proud to say that I am a sugar baby and I have learned a lot about the strong bonding that two people share when they are in this sweet relationship. Read on to find out if these lessons may interest you.

Relationship Defeats the Age Barrier
In a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship, two people involved suffer from a huge generation gap. One of them is quite older than the other partner. My partner is 15 years older than me and I know how relaxing the time is when we spend quality time together. He pampers me, treats like a princess, takes me for trips, and overall he is mature enough to understand my feelings and emotions. I found him on a sugar baby site and I am thankful that I got to know him.

Sugar Daddies are Not Insensitive
Please dispel the cozy impression that these older men are insensitive, cold and detached. Nothing can be further from the truth as I have seen him being sensitive enough in handling issues. I know he is with me for memorable moments that he cannot gather anywhere else. He is a passionate partner with qualities of an intelligent man who protects you and makes you feel safe.

Money is Not The Only Thing
When I interacted with him on a sugar daddy dating site, I thought it was only for financial needs that I have. I met him with the same purpose in mind but then everything changes. He is no more than just a partner to me as he has turned into a friend, philosopher, and guide. I can share anything with him anytime. When I am right, he appreciates and when I am wrong, he criticizes. It’s a great to see that he tries to improve my personality and not just be with me for fun.

Society Doesn’t Matter
Most of the girls wonder if they should allow an older man to enter their lives. The major problem is the society where you live in. Trust me; society is nowhere when you get into such a sweet bonding with someone. As soon as you are comfortable with the person, you know the world has only the two of you. You hardly realize that there is a third person as well who might notice you, which is against the societal norms.

date a rich sugar daddy and I proudly accept it. Not because he is rich enough to fulfill all my financial needs but because he has developed me into a better person.


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