How to Be Happy in A Sugar Dating Relationship

Many people - both males and females- who go into sugar dating relationships do so for different reasons. For this reason, there is no single sure way to being happy as a sugar baby. It all depends on you as an individual.  If you are looking for happiness, there are basic but important questions you must first ask yourself. And these questions must be answered as honestly as possible. You must also note that not every expectation you have of a sugar dating relationship is valid and as such might not be met. So, if you’re looking for a sugar daddy or for a sugar baby for the sake of happiness, this post will be of help to you.

Is Happiness What You Really Want?
The problem is too many people go crawling sugar dating sites claiming to seek happiness when in fact that isn’t what they really want. That or their idea of being happy is utopian at best. So when they finally get into one and it fails to meet their unrealistic expectations, they feel dejected and begin to blame it on not just that particular sugar daddy/baby but on the entire concept of sugar dating itself. So, before you download that sugar dating app, ask yourself this question: is happiness what I’m really after? And contrary to popular opinion, it is okay to hook up with that sugar daddy with intention of gaining something other than happiness. Some do it for the cash, some for the physical intimacy, some merely for the companionship and some for the luxurious lifestyle and opportunities involved. Whatever it is for you, just be true to yourself. That way, you can be truly ‘happy’.

Are You With The Right Person?
As with any other relationship, the importance of compatibility in sugar dating arrangements cannot be overstated. It is not enough to simply think that happiness will come looking for you with a placard bearing your name like a chauffeur waiting for a guest at the airport. It is not enough to simply think that because you found yourself a sugar baby that meets all your physical specifications, happiness automatically comes with the territory. For happiness to be found in a sugar dating agreement, both sugar daddy and sugar baby must be equal or at least similar in expectations and intentions. Once you get this particular stumbling block out the way, then you are well on your way to being happy.

Are You Fixated With Illusions?
It is easy to become frustrated and disillusioned with life as a sugar daddy/baby if you’ve been indulging in way too much fantasy. Happiness can only flourish in an environment where logic is the order of the day. Life itself isn’t a bed of roses and any expectation must be tempered with a dose of reality to avoid unfavorable scenarios. If you keep looking for perfection, you probably will never find it, not even in a more conventional dating arrangement. So, before you click on the profile of that millionaire sugar daddy, remember to keep your expectations at a reasonable level.

Do You Give Up Easily?
If you just left one sugar daddy and have been thinking of quitting the sugar dating arrangement completely, you might want to stick around a bit and give it another shot. You might just strike gold on your next attempt or the next if that doesn’t work out. Just keep trying. What you seek is out there waiting for you. They say good things come to those who wait, including happiness. 

If you haven’t asked yourself these questions, you need to ask them now. The answers you find will surely lead you to what you deserve, happiness. Remember, perfection is not of the human race. Don’t let hearsay and cheap rumors rob you of the life you want to live. If you haven’t tried a sugar dating arrangement yet, set up that profile right now and fire away!


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