How to Date Younger Women When You Are Over 50

It gets a bit trickier trying to get out there when you are way past your prime. This is because for years, society drills into us the need to get married and settle down in our early thirties. For some of us, that happens but for other people, they may (or may not) be so lucky- it depends on how you look at it.

A common misconception is that men in their fifties should only be interested in dating women their own age and should they so much as glance at a younger woman, it is considered taboo. In recent times, this belief has been challenged especially with the emergence of sugar daddy-sugar baby dating sites.

Now, dating at whichever stage can be a bit daunting. It is like going for a job interview; you are judged on the basis of experience accrued, personality and even looks. Just like a job interview, you have very limited time to make a good impression. If they like you, you get the job; if they don’t, you get the boot.

There is an undeniable appeal in dating significantly younger women, say the early twenties or thereabouts, when you are past your fifties. For starters, there is the vulnerability and impressionability that twenty-year-olds still have. Most of them will be impressed by anything you throw at them. Sounds great, right? It is for the most part if you are looking to have a fling or some other kind of casual relationship. The trouble comes when you start feeling the need to have something a bit more- depth in the relationship.

The fact of the matter is, that hot twenty-two-year-old waitress (potential sugar baby) with a body to die for just won’t be able to relate with the complexities and hardships of real life having encountered few of them herself. As a result, you may find yourself shying away from sharing stresses such as the last mortgage payment you missed or how stressed you are trying to get your wayward child on the right path.

However, do not despair.By virtue of your age, there are certain factors that will make you a real catch with a younger crowd. You symbolize stability and experience. For that reason, you are a much better option to date than the twenty-four-year-old surfer who can barely make rent.

Fact: most women, not all, are attracted to status and experience. The fact that you may also have some cash on hand to blow stands in your favor. By now, you understand how to treat and keep women- by taking her out on dates and romantic trips also win you a couple of points. You will also need to do the usual- dress well, smell like heaven and be absolutely confident.

Just like in a job interview, you are there to get the job. Turn on your charms, and maybe be a slightly better version of yourself. Do not feel discouraged by your baggage, everyone has baggage. It should not stop you from living life to its full potential.


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