How to Effectively Say No to A Sugar Daddy

Whether you are a sugar baby dating your sugar daddy, a sugar baby still seeking your sugar daddy, or someone just curious about the sugar baby world and cruising the sugar baby sites, every sugar baby should know how to say no. When it comes to saying no, there are a lot of things that simply aren’t true and it’s not nearly as complicated as you might think. While there are a lot of fun things in the sugar baby world to say “yes” to, when it’s time to say “no”, you should know how. Here’s five easy to practice and simple tips on how to effectively say no to a sugar daddy.

  • 1. Be Confident.
  • One of the best things you can do when you feel like you need to say no is to be confident. Remember, no matter how your relationship is set up or how you plan to set it up, everyone has the right to say “no”. Your status as a sugar baby is not set upon you responding in any certain way to an invite, an outing, or a come on. Be confident.

    2. Clarity Is Key

    To effectively say no to a sugar daddy, the best practice is to be as clear as possible at the beginning of the relationship. Whether it’s the type of functions you are willing to attend, the kind of gifts, help, or sugar you get from your sugar daddy, or even what happens in the bedroom, clarity on what you are and aren’t okay with, from the beginning is crucial. He may be your sugar daddy but you don’t need to sugar coat it. Be clear on what is and isn’t okay and make sure that you communicate it. You’ll want to communicate the do’s and do-not’s but it’s also good practice to communicate the why’s behind them when you feel comfortable doing so. The best sugar babies make sure they ask if there’s anything they can clarify and prompt their sugar daddies to be honest with what they are expecting out of the relationship as well.

  • 3. Be Firm and Friendly.
  • It’s important to be firm and friendly when you’re setting your guidelines. If it’s at the beginning of the relationship, you want your sugar daddy to know that you are excited about the relationship and want both of you to have the most fun as possible. But having fun means a mutual agreement on what is and isn’t okay. Don’t feel like it has to come across like a long list of rules or as a warning, as if you’re expecting your sugar daddy to break your guidelines. However, being firm is also very important. Not only should you be firm at the beginning of a relationship but especially in the middle of it. If you’ve been clear before and there’s pressure to bend on one of your guidelines, be very firm on why and what the guidelines are so that there’s no confusion. By being firm and friendly, you clearly communicate you’re not playing a game or “hard to get”. By being friendly you let your sugar daddy know that you still want to have a great relationship, on agreed upon terms.

  • 4. Flirt with the Man. Not the Line.
  • A big part of effectively telling your sugar daddy no, is to mean it. If you’ve been facetious in the past, saying no when you meant yes, or yes when you meant maybe, you’ve sent the wrong signals. If that has happened, apologize for those instances, and set a new guideline in place to always be upfront and honest. Every sugar daddy loves to be flirted with and appreciated. Flirting with the line is not a good idea. If you’ve said you’re unwilling to go to a sports event with him, mean it. If you feel like you could be persuaded in the right mood, say that from the beginning. If you originally say no, but finally agree after being pestered to go, you send the signal that your guidelines are subject to change depending on pressure. This is equally true, if not more so, for issues in the bedroom. Don’t flirt with the line and get as close as you can to a guideline you’ve set, if you truly have no intention of crossing it. Explain what you are and aren’t comfortable doing and then follow through.

  • 5. Require Accountability
  • This tip is especially true if you already have a sugar daddy and your relationship has already started. If you weren’t proactive about being clear from the beginning, or you’re just not sure how your sugar daddy will respond to guidelines, require accountability. This could look like you, telling close friends about your sugar daddy so that they know the guidelines you’ve set in your relationship. It could also mean going to more public venues with your sugar daddy, especially if you’re feeling pressure when you’re alone together to cross lines you’d rather not. The best policy is to bring clarity into the relationship as quickly as possible. Doing this safely means requiring accountability from both of you.

    If you’re in a relationship that already has clear guidelines set up, accountability is still important. By setting up accountability in your life, you help yourself stay true to the guidelines you originally set. This keeps you crossing a line you’ll later regret and also can even help your sugar daddy realize when he inadvertently or unintentionally crossed a guideline.

    So there are five tips you can use when you need to say no to a sugar daddy. Remember, be confident, create clarity, be firm and friendly, respect guidelines, and require accountability. When you do that in your relationship, saying no to your sugar daddy, won’t seem like that big of a deal. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but your sugar daddy will feel more comfortable being open and honest when he needs to say no.


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