How to Keep Your Personal Life Hidden When Dating A Sugar Daddy

Keeping your real life hidden from a sugar daddy can be tricky. In fact, many would consider it a form of art. A technique one must master in order to keep their real lives a secret from potential sugar daddies.

One thing you must remember is that a potential sugar daddy will likely try and find out any personal information about you that he possibly can, even before ever contacting you. So the trick is learning ways to keep certain information a secret right from the get go. And even afterwards, one must remember that a sugar daddy will continue his search to learn more personal information about you with each new "clue" he receives. So be careful what information you share with him.

But even when being careful, there may some other ways in which a sugar daddy can discover information regarding your personal life that you may not be aware of.

Thus, here are some valuable tips and points that will help keep your personal life a secret when seeking a sugar daddy:

(1.) Never tell a sugar daddy your real name. Whether that be your last name, or even your first name, always avoid giving out real information about yourself whenever possible. Using someone's real name to search and look up who they are is easily done in today's world, as there are all kinds of ways to find more personal information about someone using just their name alone. Everything from the high school you graduated from, to your phone number, to relating family members, and even social medias you have signed up for can all be found and known through a simple online name search.

Best way to avoid giving someone your real name is by coming up with a nice sounding "fake name." You'll forever be using this fake name when chatting and communicating with your sugar daddy, so make sure you choose a name that sounds pretty, and is also a name you can remember. Names like Ashley, Heather, Lauren and Crystal make cute fakes names you could use. Just be sure that your "fake last name" is equally charming.

(2.) Think you're safe merely sending a selfie to a potential sugar daddy? Think again! Because modern smartphones, and many digital cameras, embed GPS coordinates within each and every photo they capture. So remember that sending a sugar daddy a picture of yourself can easily allow them to track down your location.

Such information is called EXIF data. But no worries, because there's actually several ways to remove such data from a photo before sending it. You may wish to Google how this can be done. But for a more simple fix, you can right click the image, click on "properties" and then "details." From there, you can choose what kind of EXIF information to remove.

This is a handy tip when sending selfies, so don't forget it!

(3.) Another tip when sending, sharing or posting pictures of yourself online is to never send pictures of yourself to a sugar daddy that you already have posted on social media websites. There are online engines known as "reverse search" engines. This websites and programs allow users to submit a picture and then view all the other places online the picture has been posted. So if you send him a photograph you have posted on your social media websites, it's very easy for him to find your said social media and thus find out your personal information.

But if you must send him a picture which you've already posted elsewhere, you can "doctor" the image so that reverse search engines won't be able to detect it. You can do this by opening the photo in MS Paint, and then flipping it horizontally. And be sure to also remove and clear the EXIF data attached to the image. (See above.)

(4.) Perhaps the biggest key to keeping your personal information a secret is masking yourself behind fake emails and usernames. It's not difficult to sign up for an extra email account with a fake name. And doing so will only further ensure that a potential sugar daddy will have no possible way of discovering more about the real you and the lifestyle that you live. Because emails, just like most everything online, can easily be tracked in one way or another. And the reason you don't use the same username that you have on your social media is pretty self explanatory. Because all it would require is a simple Google search of the said username and voila! The sugar daddy is now looking at and reading your Facebook page.

Just remember! Be sure to use the same "fake name" you've created (see advice #1) when you sign up for your secondary email. Because if the sugar daddy discovers that whatever name you've told him is yours, doesn't match the one behind whatever email you've given him, he will surely know that something is wrong. And once he grows suspicious of you, winning him back can be near impossible. So keep all your fake information together and in order to prevent such a thing from exposing you.

And also, just like with your email address, giving out your real phone number is another no-no. Because just like with emails, a phone number can be tracked to reveal more information about its carrier.

(5.) Sugar daddies should never know the city you live in, nor the places you work at. Nor should they ever pick you up at home. Always arrange to meet them elsewhere. Restaurants, shopping centers, public parks, etc. And be sure to avoid photographs taken of you while at events and locations while out with sugar daddies best you can. Because obviously you don't want those photographs getting out there to expose your lifestyle to other potential daddies.

This also goes for fellow friends who are sugar babies. Never allow them to upload photographs of you on her social websites, because allowing her to do so can have similar effects. And one of the first things a sugar daddy will typically do is search for more photos of you on your friends' social media pages.

Keeping your personal life a secret from sugar daddies may seem difficult, but if you follow these basic and advanced suggestions, you'll have a much greater success rate.

Good luck to all you sugar babies out there, and happy sugar daddy hunting!


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