How to Tell Your Sugar Daddy What You Need

Let’s face it, discussing money issues is that part of the sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship that we all dread. For the fear of sounding greedy or looking like a gold digger, most sugar babies conveniently shy away from communicating their needs to their sugar daddy.

True, the idea of scaring him off is undoubtedly daunting but with a few tips, you can successfully communicate your needs with your sugar daddy without scaring him off.

Here are a few tips you can employ.

1.Know What You Want
The first thing is to know what your needs actually are. What do you want? Money? Shopping? Emotional needs? Whatever your need is, be sure to acknowledge them before communicating with your sugar daddy. If it is money, then, set the range of value you need. Do not make this a means to exploit him because sugar daddies are well versed in stuffs and they can easily sniff out a gold digger. One mistake common with most sugar babies is monetizing their looks and worth. Hold that thought, girl! No money equals your look or worth, so, do not take the range too high because you feel you worth more. It doesn’t work that way girl!

2.Get Comfortable With Your Decision
The truth is that you must successfully convince yourself before trying to convince others. So, take the time to think about the decision you arrived at and get comfortable with it. Only then would you be comfortable discussing it with your sugar daddy.

3.Ask For His Arrangement
If you are still unsure if you made the right decision, you could ask him for his range. Most of these sugar daddies have been in the game longer than you. Do not wait around for him to bring up the topic. Take the bold step and put the question up for discussion but be careful not to sound greedy or come across as being too forward. Look for the right time and ask if he has an arrangement before. If yes, try comparing his previous arrangement and your initial decision and see if you can reach a compromise. See, simple!

4.Keep It Simple and Short
The conversation does not necessarily have to be a long one. Make sure you keep it simple and short. Tell him the range you have in mind and if he asks why you need such an amount of money. Give him simple and general reasons like housing cost and your desire to save. That should do it. There is no need to start listing each need and the amount allocated for each expense.

5.Keep It Natural 
In communicating your needs to your sugar daddy, try and keep it natural and sweet. Do not come off as demanding or let him perceive that you are uncomfortable. It is just like any other conversation you have had with him. Do not be intimidated. Stay natural and sweet.

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