If You Know How To Text Right, You Can Get That Girl To Visit You

So you got talking with a lady on an arrangement dating site, she gave you her number and now you want to get her to visit you? That shouldn’t too hard, as long as your texting skill is top notch. But if your texting skills still need to be worked on, you definitely need this post to survive! In this post, you’ll find brilliant texting ideas and concepts to help you nail your conversations.

The Beginning

“I really couldn’t wait to start texting this babe, so much that I picked up my phone and started text….” Stop! What happened to timing bro? it’s not just about what you say and how you say it bro. You’ve got to get your timing crucially spot on, especially for the first message. It is so important to the process. 

First rule of texting- don’t text her almost immediately you got her number. She’ll probably think you’re needy and clingy and that won’t bode well for the future. Now, second first rule of texting- don’t wait until it’s too late either! That’ll completely ruin your chances. What time is the best time then? There is no exact best time to send that first text. All we can tell you is: less than 12 hours is too early, 48 hours is way too late. Don’t be later than 9pm but not earlier than 6pm. Listen, this is why you have to get your timing spot on: you don’t want things to fall apart before you even get to make an impression, so try not to be an inconvenience at first try.

The Middle
You’ve carefully chosen your magical time. But you still need to know what to write. Firstly, don’t be boring. Ladies don’t like a boring guy. Don’t go “hey, how are doing?” or “hey, what are you doing?” Those are too cliché.  First thing you should do is introduce yourself. Don’t assume she already knows who you are. Be poilite, but not dry. Bring up something you both discussed on the dating site. Infuse humor into your content, but don’t be a clown. It might be awkward at first but that’s normal. As you both exchange more texts, you’ll both become more comfortable with each other. One thing, in your first text, mention both your name and hers too. It helps break the ice.

The Future

Once you get the first couple of messages right, and she responds cheerfully, you can only go up from there- but only if you’re careful. Try as much to keep the conversation flowing. Don’t ask ‘yes or no’ questions.  Don’t stop being funny. Ladies love someone who can make them laugh effortlessly. Use those little things on your phone called emojis. They add variety to your conversations.  Don’t make the transition from flirty to sexting if you guys are not there yet. You have to completely win her over before you begin to cross certain lines. Texting is art and you probably won’t get it right immediately. But you need to keep at it. Be consistent in your efforts. When you finally realize she’s ready to meet you in person, don’t just ask her out blandly. Be creative, be subtly persuasive and go for it.


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