Simple Ways to Get More From Your Sugar Daddy Without Asking

Sugar daddy dating is no more a taboo and gone are the days when people hid in some silent quarters discussing a sugar baby, terming her move as a morally-deviant one. Today, these relationships are not only passively welcomed but also actively advocated. In this article, we shall discuss some simple ways to get more from your sugar daddy even without having to ask. Read on to find out.

Be Part of His Career Achievement
Now, when you began to date a sugar daddy, you may have been advised against focusing too much on the career life aspect of your sugar daddy and instead advised to engage on the basis of relationships alone. But how true is this? Well, not entirely.

While it is true sugar daddies do not wish that you view them as some career-obedient men with little sensitivity to matters of the heart, they, like any other men like to be encouraged in their career pursuits so ensure you encourage them in this regard. Advise him on some crucial corporate or career decisions and they will indeed see you as someone who cares for the long-term growth of your relationship.

Encourage Him Even When He Is Not Too Sufficient
Isn’t it common knowledge that most sugar daddies are not so gifted when it comes to bedroom affairs? This is only natural as it is determined by two factors; the fact that most of them are so engrossed in their careers and of course due to their advancing age.

As a young woman with wild sexual desires, you may be occasionally met halfway each time you have sex. However, understand where your man is coming from and do not point his weaknesses in a very critical manner but instead encourage him. According to advise from various sugar daddy sites, tell him that though he may not be presently sufficient, you are keen to see that all works out in your sexual relationship [or other areas he is insufficient in].

Clearly Define What You Need
As a sugar baby looking for sugar daddy, you need to understand that asking for favors from him is not a taboo. However, defining clearly what you need will go a long way in ensuring your wishes are granted. Let us not forget that most sugar daddies are apprehensive of sugar babies and there is a general perception that most sugar babies are there to fleece them of their finances.

However, this does not mean you should not ask for favors from him. Instead, asking for such favors in an intelligent manner goes a long way in changing this perception. Why ask for money verbally when you could charm him to candle-lit dinner marked by episodes of hot sex? It is during these episodes o heavenly pleasure that you can suggest to him what you want.


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