Sugar Babies VS. Gold Diggers

In the contemporary world of dating, there is a common conception that a sugar baby is the same thing as a prostitute or a gold digger. Many people consider the term “sugar baby” as a euphemism for “sex worker;” this could not be farther from the truth. A sugar baby is a female individual who enters into an arrangement dating relationship for the purpose of creating and gaining mutual benefits. These benefits can be anything from money to adventure, to even career advice. Clearly, the job description of a sex worker is quite different.

Sugar babies are not gold diggers because they do not receive payment specifically for sexual offering sexual favors to their sugar daddies. Rather, they are rewarded for their time and the companionship they provide their sugar daddy. If the sugar daddy wishes to show appreciation for his sugar baby after receiving sexual favors, then that is entirely his decision to make. Here are * reasons why a sugar baby is different from a gold digger.

  • Sugar babies are seeking a genuine connection from sugar daddy dating
  • Many sugar babies are looking for a sugar daddy with whom they can find that genuine spark. This goes beyond just sex and money to a deeper felt emotional and platinic connection between both parties.

  • Unlike a gold digger, a sugar baby does not hide her intentions
  • The mark of a gold digger is deception. Usually, they get close enough to sink their hooks into their victim and then proceed to milk them dry of their wealth. It is not uncommon for gold diggers to steal from their benefactors or lure them into grand scams to rob them of their money. They often go as far as using fake names and identification documents in some cases.

  • Unlike gold diggers, sugar babies don’t run away immediately they have gotten their hands on a man’s wealth
  • Usually, after a gold digger has successfully drained its victim, the next step is to run as far away as possible from the long arm of the law. This is the opposite of a sugar baby.

  • A sugar baby is legitimately ambitious; a gold digger is greedy
  • Sugar babies have goals, dreams, and aspirations. Many times, these are legitimate dreams to finish school, build a career or start a business; thus, they get involved in sugar daddy dating to give their lives the extra boost it needs. A gold digger’s only ambition is to live lavishly of someone else’s sweat, and usually, they will employ any means possible to achieve this.

  • A sugar baby is classy
  • Unlike a gold digger who is just out to dig out the gold in their benefactor’s pockets. This is the farthest thing from the definition of classy. A woman of class knows what she is seeking for in a sugar daddy and will only settle down when she finds it (note that it may not even be money).  

  • A sugar baby dating arrangement is formed on the grounds of mutual respect
  • In sugar baby dating, the boundaries are drawn out of mutual respect for each party involved. A gold digger does not mind putting up with total disrespect for their boundaries, body, or person, provided that it gets them what they want in the long run.


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