Sugar Daddy Dating: Not What You Expect

Though it has been demonized and marginalized, research is showing that sugar daddy dating is just like any other service industry job. Sugar babies, which is what the girls of these sugar daddies are called, provide what can really be considered the greatest customer service. No, not sex, but a relationship.

What do sugar daddies say about becoming one? Well, one of the main reasons why they do is because the traditional dating scene has done nothing for them. They seek a relationship where they can love, care, protect, and provide for someone they way they want to and without strings attached or a lot of time wasted.

So, there is some advice from both sugar daddies and sugar babies about sugar daddy dating that can prove to be helpful tidbits to keep in mind.

Sugar Daddies. 
1. Talk to your sugar baby. A good sugar daddy knows the art of conversation, and good conversation can go a long way in making sure that she feels comfortable with you. The real you.

2. Meet her needs. It's not about just showering her with gifts, but showering her with meaningful gifts. That is what will ensure that she provides meaningful things for you.

3. Remember that she is a young girl.  She comes from a different generation than you. So don't expect her to be something that she isn't. Learn about her and don't treat her like a child. She's younger, but she is still a woman.

4. Don't lie. One of the quickest ways to foster distrust in any relationship is to lie, and the same thing is true with your sugar baby. She sees you as someone she can trust, and she will be good to the sugar daddy that she trusts.

Sugar Babies 
1. Show off for him. That means to dress up for him and make him feel like he is the luckiest guy in the world if he has you on his arm. From the first photo he sees of you to the first time he meets you, enchant him.

2. Be confident. It's sexy. When you talk with him, make eye contact and show genuine interest in him. Don't be afraid to use physical touch to draw his attention to you even more.

3. Be sweet and cute, but be straightforward. Remember that this is still customer service. He's your customer, but you are the provider. Make sure that you know what boundaries you want to set up and know how you want each date to go.

4. Be grateful. He's going to shower you with gifts and money. No matter how much or what it is, always show appreciation. That will get you more stuff, and he will continue to treat you right.


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