Sugar Daddy: Why It's Not All About Sex

Most of the movies and television shows that you watch that reference Sugar Daddy or dating them, usually try to sell you on the aspect that it's all about sex. The truth is actually far from the truth. When it comes to the mindset of a Sugar Daddy, a girl has to know that there are more things that he is looking for in a relationship. So, here are some tips to dating a sugar daddy that isn't primary looking for sex.

Conversation. Your average sugar daddy dating is looking to talk to someone—and I mean really talk to. He is looking for someone who will allow him to make a connection that he isn't able to find in a regular dating scene. That means you have to know how to connect and communicate quickly. He wants something deep without the time commitment.

Spoil. Some men just love the way it feels to spoil a girl. That may mean buying them things or taking them out. It may mean dressing up and going somewhere. Something out of the ordinary to show affection. So, enjoy that, but remember to appreciate him and show your appreciation. There's a need for that for your Sugar Daddy to feel fulfilled.

Attraction. This is something that is almost obvious for most people. When it comes to a sugar daddy though, there is a strong need to feel like someone is attracted to them. Maybe it isn't obvious, but it's there. So, a good thing to know is how to make a man feel attractive with your words, with your touch, and with your facial expressions. Smile with your mouth and eyes, touch and let your touch linger on areas of strength like chest, arms, legs, and the like. Compliment with your words.

Fun. Your sugar daddy isn't looking for serious and stiff. This is supposed to be casual and relaxing. So, be casual and relaxing. Don't treat this as an arrangement but like an opportunity that you get to spend time with him.

All in all, the truth is that your sugar daddy is ultimately wanting something that helps him take his mind off of the stresses of life, and he is willing to pay money for it. These are just some simple ways that you can guarantee he won't just remember you, but he will remember the experience of you.


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