The Acceptable Age Difference in Sugar Daddy Dating

Different strokes for different folks: hardly has this aphorism ever been as true as it is in this case. People have their preferences regarding what they consider to be the “acceptable” age gap between a sugar baby and her sugar daddy. Some say it is 3 years, others 8, and many agree that it should be no more than 15.

This issue is a very relative one; therefore, the most important thing to bear in mind is your own beliefs. Date only men whose age you are comfortable with. If you think he is ridiculously young or embarrassingly old, save yourself the stress and move to the next catch.

We asked a few sugar babies what they consider to be the appropriate age difference between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby. Here is what they had to say:
“Let’s say anything between 5 – 15 years difference. Anything older seems a little too old to me” – Heather, Tx.

“Putting age limits on relationships has never really been my style. If I connect with someone who is way older than I am, then let the sparks fly!” – Lola, AL

“What matters to me is how well my sugar daddy treats me. He can be older, my age, or even younger than I am as long as he treats me right.” – Mandy, CA

“Older sugar daddies are much wiser and have way less energy to engage in the more physical aspects of the relationship. Younger sugar daddies, on the other hand, are inexperienced and too suspicious about getting played even when they have hardly taken out time to know you.” – Meredith, CA

“I believe that if two people are ready and mature enough to handle one another, then age will never be an issue. What matters most is the mutual understanding and the shared chemistry.” – Eva, IL

“Well, I think it all comes down to what kind of agreement they have between each other and if the younger girl is mentally capable enough to handle an older and more experienced man.” – Hannah, TX

“Age is just a flimsy number! I am only 19 and I am currently seeing a sugar daddy who is over 30 years older than I am. I am young, vibrant, and energetic; he is old, wiser, and more level-headed. See? We compliment each other perfectly!” – Beth, CA

“Age isn’t such an important factor in sugar baby dating because when a man likes a lady, he will go all out for her regardless of how older than her he is. If the girl is okay with seeing an older (possibly married) man, then why not?” Bev, NV

“As a matter of personal preference, I like men who are in their mid-30s or early 40s. Any man younger than that will be too young and most likely emotionally immature. I dated someone almost the same age as me once and I can tell you, it was like dating my kid brother. He was childish, unruly, and lacked focus. Someone 35 or older seems like they would have gotten their life together and I absolutely love that.” – Lyn, CA

You’ve heard it from the mouths of 9 sugar babies, now the final decision is up to you.  


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