The Correct View of Dating A Sugar Daddy

The rate at which this "sugar daddy dating " slogan is being put into practise is on a an increase in a daily basis.Every woman/lady/girl is aiming at having a lavish life,stress free life and a life of no or very little commitments.A life where you do not need to sweat too much for you to achieve that dream car or dream bank account balance.

A sugar daddy is a man usually an older man than the lady who offers gifts and money to the lady in exchange for sexual favors.Some might confuse it to prostitution.Okay the difference is that when you have a sugar daddy you rely on this one person to provide your necessities for as long as you accomplish his sexual favors unlike in prostitution where you have several number of clients.

The correct view of sugar daddy's is in very different perspective depending on what sugar daddy they want or dream of having.The society has to come to acceptance that the sugar daddy existence is there to stay and it is part of what some ladies call "being digital". However much people are against the fact of dating sugar daddy,what they don't understand is the prime reason for why someone decide to go for a sugar daddy instead of an ordinary man.

There are different ways to help you find a sugar daddy and one of the common ways is being hooked up by one with your friends,at work also you might get a sugar daddy unknowingly.If this doesn't get to you or if you try it and it fails then the other solution is for you to log in to the websites for sugar daddy dating that will link you up with one depending on the the type of sugar daddy you want.

The fast growing economy is making it easier for rich men to survive and very hard for poor women to exist.Therefore sugar babies are scattered all over the world because some want to fit in while some want to survive and escape from the tough taste of the economy.Sugar daddy dating is a common thing in the world making every girl and lady comfortable with having one. The problem is unluckily some of the ladies land into brutal and violent sugar daddies path who end up harassing them, beating them up and even some kill the sugar baby.

We all should understand that this is a friends with benefits type of relationship which should not be forced instead it should be a mutual agreement between the two.The problem is some women don't adhere to the conditions set by their rich men hence go ahead and break obvious rules of " don't call me at night ill be with my wife". By doing this you ending the marriage of your baby daddy and at the end of the day you will loose your baby daddy because one thing we know is that the married sugar daddies will never leave their wife for your sake.So we all need to play safe once we decide to commit to having a sugar daddy.There rules in most cases are every easy to follow and they're never costly so once you adhere to them as a sugar baby you'll have a good life with the rich man, no fights and be sure of him providing for you everything and anything you as from him as long as he can provide it.

What is a real sugar daddy dating?

First we have to understand that its just not all about accomplishing sexual desires type of relationship, their is much to it.A real sugar daddy wants someone he can relax with,spend some good time with, someone who wont stress him out.He want someone with a two way type of thing that is he makes you happy and you reciprocate the same.In short according to my view i will call it friends with benefits.

Types of sugar daddies
1.The married man sugar daddy
This is the type as the term goes means he has a wife at home and perhaps even the wife has children with him.This is the type who is in full control of the love affair you have with him. He will state the rules on when to call and text,where to meet and when to meet.He is not ready to end his marriage with his wife all he is doing is using you as an escape in order to enjoy his sexual fantasies.

2.The no commitment sugar daddy
Well, now this one is either divorced or has never married all his life.He just want to have fun nothing serious so don't be nagging blowing up his phone all the time trying to take him into the husband/boyfriend material because chances are he wont and will never go that way.He will spend as much money as he wants on you, buy you all the gifts you want but one thing you should always bare in mind is that he will never pose that normal question all girls want to hear "will you marry me".

3. First time sugar daddy
Welcome to the world of a guy who is green about the sugar daddy thing,he might be young or old, has that money all girls want but one thing is he is not conversant with handling a sugar baby and the rules to be set.For this type of man it might take him some good time for him to perfect his game.

4. The ready to wed sugar daddy
Now this is lack for the type of women who want a husband who drives expensive cars, has money and can spoil her anytime she wants.This type of man is either divorced or maybe has never married hence ready to settle down with you in a monogamous relationship despite him offering you gifts and expensive gifts.

Sugar daddies are the best particularly when a lady is single and has no one to make her smile or to tell he "you're beautiful". You will enjoy your relationship as a sugar baby depending on the type of sugar daddy you find being in a relationship with. Choose wisely and be happy for a lifetime.


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