Tips for Avoiding Fake Sugar Daddies Who Just Want Sex

Contrary to popular opinion, the Sugaring world is one that is filled with corners and alleys. Dark alleys. Sugar daddy websites are crawling with men who would rather find sugar babies for cheap sex rather than go after prostitutes, and they usually put on this guise so well one usually only discovers until it is too late. While sex is wonderful and could be quite and experience, it is noteworthy that real sugar Daddies are not creeps and perverts who want nothing but sex with beautiful girls. Sugar Daddies want COMPANY, and while that could include sex, it is not all about sex. Hence, it is important to state some tips which ladies could use to subtly screen from the weird ones and attract only the genuine article.

1. Always avoid sex talk traps
While it is very easy to get carried away while on the phone or while talking generally, it is very for sugar babies involved in sugar daddy dating to snare away from sex talks, especially in the early stages of the relationship or getting to know a potential sugar daddy. The entire basis on initial interaction is to determine whether the pairing will be a successful one, so no serious daddy is expected to initiate a sex conversation for absolutely no reason, and neither should you.

2. Grace is the new sexy
It is not uncommon to find in many a sugar baby websites the profile of ladies with pictures in their bikinis and in various unclad and sex inciting positions. While this is bound to attract men, as they are visual creatures, it will tend to be a sort of hindrance in attracting a genuine sugar daddy. A complete sugar daddy is a man who can be considered successful in this area of specialization, and are more often than not intellectuals who value substance over nudity. They are more attracted to elements like wit and charm, and these are traits that are usually only discovered upon the initiation of a conversation. Therefore there is absolutely no need to display nudity of any kind, as you probably would end up attracting those seeking just sex. And can you really blame them?

3. Sex definitely comes up, eventually
Arrangement dating is a process, and as such most women only feel comfortable after getting to know their sugar daddy better. As such, it is usually after conversation and a level of comfort is it now satisfactory to discuss sex, which will be made clear to not be a transactional process, as in prostitution, but a part of the full package if so desired.

4. Profiles
A profile is the first impression which a potential sugar daddy visiting a sugar baby dating site will get of you, and as such it is important to have a profile that strikes a good first impression. As stated earlier, cut out the unclad profile picture and write up a classy profile that exudes intelligence and effortless class.

Always try to show that you are more than a pretty face with a hot body and you will definitely attract more like minded men. While it is sadly inevitable that creeps would still come, it is a matter of choice and you can simply decide not to contact the few bad eggs.


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