Tips To Maintain A No-Sex Sugar Relationship

There have been lots of conflicting ideas about the sugar daddy dating world. Some people are of the belief that it is just the same with prostitution and others believe it is even worse than prostitution. Whatever school of thought you belong to, it is crucial you get a complete understanding of the industry before making a judgment.

Unfortunately, some of the sugar dating practitioners, especially newbie sugar babies, queue into these erroneous beliefs.

They keep a burry boundary because they are scared of chasing potential sugar daddies away with strict rules. And that is where they get it wrong. The first rule of succeeding in this industry is to know what you want. If a ‘no sex’ relationship is what you desire then make it known. Trust me, not all sugar daddies are there for sex. In fact, a greater percentage of sugar daddies just want your company, not your body.

If you are new in the industry and sure you want a no-sex sugar relationship, then, these tips will help you succeed in your adventure.

Define your boundaries

First things first, what do you want? How far can you? What are your deal breakers? To maintain a no-sex sugar relationship, you must clearly state your boundaries and let them know the boundaries by putting it up in your profile.

Don’t be scared to state your boundaries

Knowing your boundaries is just the first step, you must let potential sugar daddies know these boundaries too. A good way to do that is to add them to your profile. Although it may or may not scare some POTs away, you are sure that those who come around are not coming for the sugar. Don’t let fear taint your boundaries. Make them clear for everyone to see.

Perfect other skills

It may come as a surprise to you that sex isn’t the only thing sugar babies have to offer but it is true. Sex is just one of many things you can offer. Complement the ‘no sex’ rule by perfecting other skills. Truth is, you must bring something to the table and if it isn’t sex you are bringing, you are sure as hell bringing some other things.

Be ready for a rough ride

The sugar baby dating isn’t all rose and sunshine as sugar babies wannabes think of it. No, it isn’t. Sugar dating comes with its ups and downs. And for a ‘no sex’ sugar dating, be ready for sexual temptations. They will surely come every once in a while. So, be prepared and remember your boundaries when they come. Do not compromise.

Stick with your role

Compromising in the face of sexual temptation is just as good as not setting the boundaries in the first place. If you really want a sugar daddy without giving sugar, then, know your roles and stick to them.


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