Traits That Sugar Daddies Desire in Sugar Babies


The concept of sugar daddies and sugar babies is one that has been in existence for so long, it now borders on being a cliché.

The generally accepted definition of the sugar daddy/sugar baby dynamic is one in which a young girl or guy (in the case of homosexuals) has a dating arrangement with an older, usually well-off man in exchange for financial benefits among other favours.

Dating sugar daddies have some unspoken rules that the baby must be aware of and adhere to.


Respecting Boundaries
Sugar daddies do not desire a sugar baby who does not respect boundaries or crosses red lines at will. In most cases, the sugar daddy is married and already has a family. It is expected that the sugar baby is discreet and keeps well away from the daddy’s family. To be blunt, a sugar daddy does not want another wife/husband in case he is already married; he wants a person outside his marriage who can provide him with the things he needs that his spouse may be unable or unwilling to provide. So, making demands like asking him to call regularly, demanding regular outings or to meet his kids/friends are not acceptable. A sugar baby should know her place in a sugar daddy’s life and stick to that role except the sugar daddy initiates a change himself.


Greed is A No-No
A sugar daddy dating arrangement works best when there is already an agreed upon list of benefits accruable to both parties. It is therefore not acceptable for a sugar baby to suddenly become needy and greedy, asking for favours that have not been already agreed to. Like all other men, sugar daddies do not want greedy babies who always make incessant demands on their time, money or physical energy. It is the duty of the sugar baby to bring up new requests in a respectful manner and when the sugar daddy is in a good mood to listen (preferably after sex where the sugar daddy has been well satisfied).


Intimacy is Welcome in All Forms
At the centre of the sugar arrangement is intimacy. The concept of sugar daddy-ism most probably originated from men’s dissatisfaction with the kind, length and regularity of intimacy relations with their legally married spouses. It goes without saying that the sugar baby must be attentive to and be willing to satisfy as many of the sugar daddy’s sexual desires as frequently as the sugar daddy desires. A situation where a sugar baby seeks to dictate the manner and type of intimacy is a no-brainer and will most probably lead to the termination of the sugar arrangement.


Added Value
Most sugar daddies see having a sugar baby as an escape from the pressure and troubles of their everyday lives. It is key for the sugar baby to have an arrangement with a sugar daddy that adds value to the sugar daddy’s life. Going the extra mile by doing things like regular massages, making the sugar daddy’s favourite meals, discussing issues that matter to the him and generally catering to his emotional needs arethings that all sugar daddies desire and will ensure the longevity of the arrangement to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.

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