What Can Cause Your Sugar Dating Relationship to End?

If you have a sugar daddy who adores you and practically worships the ground you tread upon, you may think that nothing can ever end the relationship. Yes, your sugar daddy dating relationship may be perfect and, your names may be etched in concrete; nevertheless, there are several things (arising either from you or from him) that can cause serious complications, and finally bring the arrangement dating relationship to a tragic end.

Like any other man-made structure, a sugar daddy dating arrangement is sustained by many pillars. If any of these pillars become unsteady, likely, your arrangement dating affair won't last very long. Below, we have compiled a list of several factors that can cause your sugar daddy affair to come to an end.

  • Bad Habits
  • Let’s face it, no matter how young or beautiful you are; bad habits can cause incredible harm to your personal and romantic relationships. Don’t get it twisted, many sugar daddies like to date sugar babies who are witty and sassy, but there is a fine line between being sassy and being rude. The latter will end your sugar daddy dating relationship, while the former will leave your sugar daddy stunned and wanting more.

  • Emotional baggage
  • The major reason why people opt to have a sugar dating arrangement over a traditional relationship is because of the hassle-free nature of the affair. Sugar daddy dating is designed to exclude emotional baggage, so if you begin to get too attached or emotional, you can almost be sure that that signals the end of your arrangement dating relationship.

  • Fear of intimacy
  • You should keep it at the back of your mind that your sugar daddy is most likely going to want sex. Avoiding the topic will only complicate the affair. Since this sort of affair is not expected to lead down the aisle, intimacy is a huge part of it. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being intimate with your sugar daddy, try spending some quality time together.

  • Too many other commitment
  • If you are a workaholic, the chances are that you will barely have space to accommodate any other thing in your life. This can put a serious strain on your sugar daddy dating relationship.

  • Another relationship
  • If you are involved in another relationship that you are trying to keep secret from your sugar daddy, the stress that comes with having to be so secretive may soon become obvious and thus put a strain on the relationship. Furthermore, telling your sugar daddy about your other relationship(s) may not be an entirely good idea as well because he may not be excited at the idea of sharing his sugar baby with someone else.

  • Restricted cash flow
  • A sugar baby arrangement is a relationship organized for mutual benefit. One of the most common benefits of an arrangement dating is the extra cash flow it provides, especially to the sugar baby. If the cash flow is restricted for reasons such as your sugar daddy suddenly being let go from his place of employment, the relationship is very likely to come to a rocky end.


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