What Every New Sugar Baby Should Know

The sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is so much different from the traditional dating. Thanks to advancement, now, people an admitted they are into sugar daddy dating without shame. Notwithstanding, there are not many people who will admit they are into sugar dating as such there are few people sugar babies wannabe can get advice from.

Most sugar babies jump into the sugar dating world head on without any prior knowledge to help them find their way through. Some others search the web and pick up a few tips that they aren’t even sure works. No wonder they end up repeating mistakes and walking in circles.

For those who want to venture into the world of sugar dating, here are a few things you should know.

Getting Started, Define What Rocks Your Boat

The very first step is to determine what you want. Jumping into something without a clear goal is disastrous. What do you want as a sugar baby? What type of men do you want here? What are your deal breakers? These are a few basic questions every sugar baby should answer before signing up as a sugar baby.

Be Prepared For The Jerks

Truth is, you will always meet a few jerks in your search for your dream sugar daddy but it is crucial to know that not all sugar daddies are jerks. A greater percentage of sugar daddies are all in for a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship, leaving only a few jerks that are there to scar your memory about sugar dating. Don’t fall for it. Get them out of your system as quickly as you can and focus on your goal. Be prepared!

Make Yourself Stand Out

Believe it or yes, this is a game with many players. To stand out you actually need to stand out. There are millions of sugar babies looking for sugar daddies too. What makes you unique? Why should he choose you from the lot? The point is, try and stand out from the crowd. In your profile, your interaction and even after getting the sugar daddy of your dream. Try and stand out. That way you are sure to garner more attention than any other sugar baby.

Make Yourself Comfortable With ‘The Talk’

The talk – money or allowance is usually a scary topic to bring up. You are scared to come off as a gold digger, broke or desperate. True that but that is no excuse to shy away from the topic. Be brave and let him know you know what you want. Truth is, these men have been in this game longer than you have and they are well versed with the happenings around here. They know you definitely have to talk about money but they would want to see how many balls you’ve got and how honest you can be. Don’t ruin it!

Say No To Test Driving

There is a clear difference between a sugar baby and a prostitute. Because of the fear of not getting another sugar daddy, most sugar babies succumb to the pressure of having sex on the first date. No! That is uncalled for. You are not a car that he should test drive. The way you present yourself on the first date is the way he will treat you through the relationship. Say no to test driving!


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