What Hard Boundaries Sugar Babies Should Set and Keep?

A sugar daddy arrangement is one which while gratifying, is one that should be treated with caution for a number of reasons. Aside being an arrangement which is usually made over a sugar daddy site which constitutes of strangers that could be of different characters, sugar daddy dating could be one which could have a nasty ending if some rules and boundaries are not set by the sugar babies. These rules are designed to keep sugar babies safe and ensure that the transaction, which is akin to a business one is successfully conducted and both parties are satisfied at the end of the day.

Some of these rules and boundaries include the following:
1. The name secrecy
It is important to be on a first name basis with a sugar daddy to control the amount of personal information shared. Seeking a sugar daddy usually involves registering and using sugar baby sites, and as already established one can't really tell who you is on the other end of the replies. Hence it is important to exercise caution and use only a first name which could be real or false depending on how secure you find the situation, or even strictly sticking to the username which you created while opening your profile. All of this is so as to be as careful as possible and prevent very dark possible repercussions.

This rule is usually established when one is still in the process of selecting a sugar daddy, and can become flexible when you eventually get one. This could be due to the sugar daddy requesting this as part of the arrangement as some prefer to get more personal with their sugar babies, or as a result of you feeling comfortable around him.

2. Audio Money
A quite common occurrence when it comes to Sugaring is a situation whereby upon meeting a sugar daddy and performing the required sugar baby duties based on the agreement, it turns out that the sugar daddy in question is unable to pay. This usually results in messy altercations that can mostly prove detrimental to the sugar baby. It is therefore essential that ladies involved in arrangement dating with sugar daddies request to see the form of payment before services commence. This is simply to ensure that no tall tales will ensue in the end.

It should be noted that this request is presented in polite manner, and a sugar daddy that initially intended to keep his end of the deal would not find offence in this but should rather be impressed by what is a standard work ethic.

Also avoid scams. There are a lot of scams whereby usernames and passwords are requested for transfers to be made. This is absolutely no need for that information and such situations usually culminates into being hacked. All that is needed for an online payment is usually the username and routing number, so care should always be taken.

3. Security
There is no such thing as too much security, hence it is necessary for sugar babies on have a sugar daddy arrangement whereby sex is not involved to always ensure that meetings are held in public places such as parks and restaurants to avoid incidences like rape akd kidnapping.


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