What to Do When Your Sugar Daddy Rejects Your Requirement

Sugar daddy dating is like every other relationships out there, it isn’t all rosy.  Just like everything in life, things don’t always end up the way we wanted them to be. Life isn’t fair and rejection is, in one way or the other, experienced in some facets of one’s life. So, it isn’t rejection of your requirement you should be worried about but on how to construct a realistic requirements that will be fair to your sugar daddy. Below we examine what you should do if your sugar daddy reject your requirements.

RE-explain your requirement politely
The way and manner you go about to list your requirement may get it rejected or accepted. Always be politely in explaining yourself and why you need any particular requirement to your sugar daddy. No matter how outrageous your requirement may be, if you are polite and play to your strengths, you may just get it accepted.

Spread your Efforts
It is very important not to put all your efforts, and wishes in one pot, especially if you haven’t met the sugar daddy in person yet. Employ a Go and Greet tactics without expecting much and if at the end, he agrees to your requirements, - that will be fine. It is better to be cautious and be surprised pleasantly than breaking those fantasies you have created beforehand. Similarly, if the meeting do not go according to plan, you can arrange another Meet and Greet with others on the waiting list

Don’t give up
Giving up on you sugar daddy after one or few requirement rejections would be the worst decision you would have made. Do not allow the rejection take over you. Always have it at the back of your mind that sometimes, things may not go as planned and if you can, make some compromises to accommodate what your sugar daddy is offering. If not, you can consider other sugar daddies who are waiting for you to give them little attention. Who knows, something great make come out of it. You are a young pretty girl, so many sugar daddies will be in line for your attention, so don’t ever give up.

Don’t blame yourself
Blaming yourself would have been the normal reaction to rejection for most people or sugar babies. Don’t fall into the temptation of blaming yourself, as that would amount to you questioning yourself and taking the pain inwards. It will further lower your self-esteem and confidence. It may lead you to over thinking and depression. Don’t blame yourself, rather look at your requirement realistically to see if it is fair to you if the table were to be turned around.


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