When Your Sugar Daddy Is Younger Than You

When we think about a sugar daddy, we all have almost the same idea pop up in our heads: rich, sophisticated, older man. But what happens when you find yourself in a relationship with a sugar daddy who is younger than you? It leads us to ask a vital question: why is dating a younger sugar daddy considered to be such a problem?

This ideology perhaps stems from the fact that we imagine our sugar daddy will be this assertive, protective man. Who told you that your younger sugar daddy can not be all those things as well? Also, the word “daddy” used in sugar daddy potentially stirs up repressed patriarchal yearnings in the brain of a young girl. this is perhaps why we all want (or at least expect) our sugar daddy to be an older man.

Being who we are, we will be breaking down the pros and cons of dating a younger sugar daddy for you to real and decide what to do for yourself; so, without further ado, here are the pros of dating a younger sugar daddy.

Pros of Dating a Younger Sugar daddy

The first perk of dating a sugar daddy who is younger than you (or at least younger than what society pictures as the standard image of a sugar daddy) is the discreetness that comes along with it. This is because sugar daddy dating is still considered a taboo is many cultures across the world. When you have a younger sugar daddy, people won’t expect that a sugar daddy look so young; therefore, you generally won’t get as many indignant stares and dirty looks from passersby as you ordinarily would have with an older sugar daddy.

Secondly, a younger sugar daddy is likely to be more virile. So, if sex is a big deal for you in your sugar daddy dating experience, then dating a younger sugar daddy may just be everything you need. Disclaimer: the fact that a man is young does not automatically mean he is good in bed. Many young men tend to be clueless and selfish lovers.

A younger sugar daddy may also have less baggage (such as a hot-tempered wife or many children) to bring into the relationship (which is good news for your allowances, girls!). He may also be more adventurous and open-minded to trying new things in and out of the bedroom.

Cons of Dating a Younger Sugar Daddy

It is often said that men mature a lot slower than women. If you are dating an older man, you may be surprised to find that you share similar maturity levels. So, what happens when you take that equation and apply it to a younger man? We’ll tell you: chances are that your sugar daddy will be much less mature than you are.

Some younger men have also been statistically observed to be less generous than older men who are seeking beauty, youth, and companionship.

Our final hypothesis? Dating a sugar daddy (whether older or younger) comes with its pros and cons. It is up to you to decide what is best and act accordingly.


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